Resources arising from the ConCreTe Project

Several resources have arisen from the ConCreTe project.

These along with the links are described in the Resources section of this website.

5th International Workshop on Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence 2016 August 20/21, 2016, Bozen-Bolzano/Italy

The targeted audience for the workshop are researchers associated with fields working in the development of computational models for creativity, concept formation, concept discovery, idea generation, and their overall relation to general intelligence. Furthermore, researchers coming from application areas, like computer-aided innovation (CAI) are welcome to submit papers for this workshop.

ConCreTe Workshop on Metaphor, Ljubljana, Slovenia April 13-15, 2016

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different labs active in computational creativity who share an interest in these topics, and provide the opportunity to collaborate and work together in person. Due to limited resources, this workshop is currently only open to participants from the ConCreTe project.

Riddle Generation using Word Associations

Galván, P., Francisco, V., Hervás, R., & Mendez, G.. (2016). Riddle Generation using Word Associations. In Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. Portorož, Slovenia: European Language Resources Association. Retrieved from


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