University of Coimbra

The history of the University of Coimbra (UC) dates back to the 13th century, since it was established in 1290. Combining its long and valuable history with the pursuit for constant improvement, UC is considered as a Portuguese reference in the world, resulting not only from its history but especially from the activities that are here developed in the research and teaching fields as well as the participation in international contact networks. UC is among the major science and technology hubs for applied and fundamental research in Portugal. Over the years UC has received national and international funding for hundreds of research projects. Nowadays there are more than four hundred research projects being carried out, some of which are directly financed by EC and in which the university is the coordinator.

University of Coimbra contributes to this project through the Cognitive and Media Systems Group (CMS) of its Centre for Informatics and Systems (CISUC). The CMS group intends to provide a convenient context for highly specialized team research on Artificial Intelligence, Media Systems and ICT for Education, stimulating theoretical and empirical study, the design and development of models and tools, and the use of research results in innovative applications with high social and scientific relevance. Our core competences range from Artificial Intelligence, Computational Creativity, Media Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Computational Logic and Affective Computing, to Technology-Enhanced Learning, Urban Computing, Information Visualization, Semantic Web and Computational Design.

The group currently involves more than 50 collaborators, among PhDs (18), post-graduation students and researchers, in multiple research projects of national and international level, in particular the FET Coordination Action ProSECCo - Promoting the Scientific Exploration of Computational Creativity - and in the FP7-ICT STREPS project ConCreTe - Concept Creation Technology.

Dr. Amilcar Cardoso Group Leader
Dr. Pedro Martins Post-Doc Researcher
Dr. Penousal Machado Investigator
Dr. Alexandre Pinto Investigator
Dr. António Mendes Investigator
Dr. Hugo Oliveira Investigator
Dr. Paulo Gomes Investigator
Dr. Luis Macedo Investigator
Dr. Ana Oliveira Alves Investigator
António Leitão Doctoral Student
Catarina Maçãs Doctoral Student
João Carlos Gonçalves Doctoral Student
João Nuno Correia Doctoral Student
Rahul Sharma Doctoral Student
Tiago Martins Doctoral Student
Ana Cláudia Rodrigues Doctoral Student
Alexandre Leal Project Administration