University of Twente

The University of Twente (UT) is a technical university in the Netherlands. As a technical university, University of Twente is unique in the Netherlands because it integrates technical sciences with human-oriented sciences. The research in ConCreTe is conducted by the chair of Technical Cognition.

Technical Cognition belongs to the department of Cognitive Psychology and the research institute CTIT of the University of Twente. The research and education topics of Cognitive Psychology are human performance in using technical systems and the nature of the used human information processing capacities. Research consists of both fundamental and applied multidisciplinary research, with the aim to develop theories and models of human behaviour. Technical Cognition investigates and models human neuro-cognitive abilities, with the aim to implement high-level (neuro)cognitive architectures in technical systems. CTIT plays a leading role exploring communication technologies, multimedia design and embedded systems and applying novel ICT solutions in a diversity of domains including manufacturing and logistics, healthcare and well-being, and media and services.

Prof. Frank van der Velde Investigator
Deniece Nazareth, Msc Investigator
Dr. Karolina Rataij Investigator
Dr. Martin Schmettow Research Associate
Roger Wolf Research Associate