Several resources have arisen from the ConCreTe project. These along with the links are described below.

One major outcome is ConCreTeFlows - the project's online software and workflow development and exchange platform

A Multi-modal blending workflow example. The workflow collects the textual content from two online sources, produces a conceptual map for each of them and creates their blend in three forms: graph, textual and visual.

DivagoFlow 2.0: Demo
Workflow of the DivagoFlow as described in the Deliverable D3.3, with an updated version of the analogy finder Mapper. Available in ConCreTeFlows.

DivagoFlow 2.0 + TextStorm: Demo
Workflow of a proof-of-concept involving DivagoFlow 2.0 and TextStorm, a tool builds concept-maps from text. Both tools are described in Deliverable D3.3. Available in ConCreTeFlows.
The proof-of-concept consists in producing a blend (in concept-map format) from two pieces of text describing a concept in Wikipedia or similar.

Extended DivagoFlow 2.0: Demo
Workflow of the Extended DivagoFlow as descibed in Deliverable D3.3, composed by DomainSpotter, Mapper (updated version) and BlendFactory. Available in ConCreTeFlows.

Regulated Activation Networks (RAN) Model
Implementation of the Regulated Activation Networks Model described in Deliverable D2.4 (in GitHub)

RAN_CRBMv1.0( The root directory of implementation)
---RAN (a sub-directory containing RANs implementation) ( python file having implementation methods and RANs
class definition) ( python file implementing the layer class and it methods) ( python file implementing various utilities for RANs)
--- ** the remaining .py, .csv file were used as temporary
implementations, and subjected to be removed post-code
cleaning process ***
---Data ( a sub-directory containing various data-sets processed to suit
as input to RANs.
---RBM ( implementation of restricted boltzmann machine as cluster
analysis tool
--- ** folders RANvp1.1, gmm, visualization are subjected to be removed ***

PoeTryMe workflow
Simple workflow for testing PoeTryMe poetry generation platform. Given a set of seed words, a poem is generated and displayed. Besides the input seeds, three parameters can be changed in the PoeTryMe widget: language (English, Portuguese, Spanish), form (several available, including songs), surprise factor (from 0 to 1).

PoeTryMe website / web app
The website presents the work on PoeTryMe and an app is available for testing a simple version of PoeTryMe, similar to the workflow, but available to use outside ConCreTeFlows.

Artificial Poet Twitter bot
Uses PoeTryMe for generating blocks of four, in Portuguese, using seeds that are related to the top trends of the Portuguese Twitter.

Meme generator Twitter bot
Uses Memegera, the automatic meme generator, to produce image macro-based memes about current news, in Portuguese.

Dynamic Contextual Distributional Semantic Models
The link to the code repository which has the code for building the QMUL dynamic contextual distributional semantic models.

Scripts for analogy/metaphor modelling, will be added later.


Evotype 2.0: Demo
Short demonstration of the evotype application, highlighting its main features.

Evotype: Showcase
Examples of the outcomes from different evolutionary runs.

Photogrowth: Ants’ Simulation
This short video concerns the ants' simulation and painting algorithm, showing how ants remove “energy” from the simulation canvas and transfer it to the painting canvas.

Photogrowth: GUI for Fitness Function Design
Demonstration of the responsive GUI used to design fitness functions through the specification of behavioural and image features.

Photogrowth: Final Rendering Interface
Demonstration of the GUI for determining the final rendering parameters.

Photogrowth: Showcase
Several non photorealistic renderings of the same input image performed by different ant species and using different rendering options.

"The Machine's turn". A rap with lyrics by DeepBeat
- (a rap performance with lyrics by computer)

Can a machine make poetry?
- (visitor experience to Brain Poetry in Frankfurt Book Fair)

More information on the above two and other events can be found at: