The following lists are of the approved deliverables and the submitted deliverables of the ConCreTe project. They are listed in date order of when they were submitted. For those reports that are approved and public, a link is provided to the actual document.

Approved Deliverables

Deliverable Title Delivered Status Type Document link
D9.1: Project web site Month 1 PU O
D10.1: Project wiki Month 1 PP R
D6.1: Report detailing agreed theoretical and technical infrastructure Month 4 PU R ConCreTe-D6.1final.pdf
D2.1: Review of conceptual representations Month 9 PU R ConCreTe-D2.1final.pdf
D1.1: Initial CA implementation Month 12 PP P
D1.2: Reports on segmentation of musical memory in novel CA Month 12 PU R ConCreTe-D1.2final.pdf
D1.4: Prototype sequence blackboard Month12 PU P
D3.2: Study and design of methods for concept blending Month 12 PP R
D6.2: First report on framework and data Month 12 PU R ConCreTe-D6.2final.pdf
D6.4: First prototype for workflow composition Month 12 PU P
D7.1: Exploitation representation Month 12 CO R
D7.2: Exploitation representation Month 12 brought forward from Month 26 CO P
D8.1: Prototype emergent semantic map for creativity evaluation Month 12 PP R ConCreTe-D8.1final.pdf
D3.4: Bio-inspired
General Purpose Concept Generator
Month 18 PU P ConCreTe-del-D3.4-final-v1.2.pdf
D8.3: Report(s) on mappings
between semantic space and geometrical conceptual space
Month 18 PP R
D1.3: Merging
complex representations
Month 24 PU R ConCreTeD1.3-final-v1.1.pdf
D2.2: Representations
of Conceptual Space
Month 24 PP P
D2.3: Inference and
learning for association based semantic graphs
Month 24 PP P
D3.1: Concept creation
in association based graphs
Month 24 PP R
D5.1: Report(s) on
applications built in the WP (1)
Month 24 PU R
D8.5: Report on a-life
environments for testing the evolutionary value of creativity(1)
Month 24 PP R
D7.3: User modelling
Month 24 brought forward from Month 32 CO P
D7.4: Prototype evaluation report Month 24 brought forward from Month 36 CO P
D2.4: Regulated Activation Networks Model Month 28 PP P
D3.3: Prototype for a concept
generator using conceptual blending methods
Month 30 PU P
D6.3: Final report on
framework and data
Month 30 PU R
D6.5: Final ConCreTe
intergation tool
Month 30 PU P
D8.4: Report(s) on methods for
evaluation of creative systems
Month 30 PU R
D1.5: Reports on joint
Month 36 PU R
D4.1: EEG alpha power variations
related to creativity task-demands and measures
Month 36 PU R
D5.2: Report(s) on,applications built
in the WP (1)
Month 36 PU R
D8.2: Reports on creativity evaluations of prototypes derived in ConCreTe. Month 36 PP R
D8.6: Report on testing the evolutionary value of creativity Month 36 PP R
D8.7: Report(s) on validation studies of concepts produced by the prototype Month 36 PU R

[PU = Public,
PP = Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)
CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)
R = Report, P = Prototype, D = Demonstrator, O = Other]